The Singles Album

This is a compendium of songs from 1981 until 2021 that aren’t part of a group effort. Not to say that great musicians weren’t playing on them but they stand out on their own merits. These were all recorded and produced by me in my recording studios (Toronto and Manta (Feeling only)

Here are the musicians that were an integral part of some of these songs with my utmost gratitude:

Michael McDonald: Guitar and Backing Vocals (Brutality, Fun Police, Robin and Ricci)
Johnny Johnson: Sax (Advertease, Phantom Power)
Laurie Conroy: Backing Vocals (Advertease, Fun Police), Lead Vocal (Phantom Power)
Denise Williams: Backing Vocals (Put Your Faith In Jah, There But For The Grace of God)
Jazzmin Lauzanne: Backing Vocals (Brutality)
Students of Huron Pubic School: Backing Vocals (Robin and Ricci) plus special vocals from Robin Read (5 years old) and Erica Read (3 years old)
John James: Sax (Robin and Ricci, Believe It,)
Alex Izaguirre: Sax and Guitar (Feeling)
Bob Read: Lead Vocals, Bass, all keys and synths, Drums, Percussion)

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With the One Race Band

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