The Robbie Rox Band

I was fortunate enough to have Robbie Rox as a client in my studio where we recorded three songs: “Let’s All Twitch Together”, “Fighting The Occult” and “The Girls Are Looking Again”

Robbie Rox at Black Diamond Studio opening

Since I play bass, Robbie asked if I’d like to play with the band for an upcoming gig at the world famous “El Mocambo Club” in downtown Toronto (where the Rolling Stones did a club show before their stadium show). I didn’t have a band at this time and I said “sure”.

The El Mocambo gig was fabulous. I loved playing with the guys.

While playing with Robbie I was working on a project with my friend Jim Matheson. Jim and I wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics and we called ourselves “The Cause”

The Cause

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