The Cause

The Cause is made up of Bob Read and Jim Matheson. We recorded all of the songs in my basement studio.

Black Diamond Productions
Working in the Control Room of my 32 track basement analogue studio

We created a number of songs in the mid-80’s and flew over to London to see if we could get a contract there with one of the progressive record companies.

They all had good things to say about our music and we did get to a final third meeting with RCA. Unfortunately they rejected us purely on the basis that we lived in Canada, despite our entreaties to move tomorrow.

We created these eight songs:

Jim and I relaxing

You can also listen to Jim’s vast array of works at:

During this whole crazy time I got married and proceeded to father two children, Robin and Erica to go along with my first son, Craig. I also fell in love with reggae music and idolized Bob Marley and his wonderful way of saying important things. This did rub off on me and this is when I started writing my own message songs.  These allowed me to dip my toe into the reggae genre.

At this point in my career I discovered that reggae music was my “go to” song creator tool and muse

Jamaican Bands and Performances – 1 (1988 –1999)
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