This play really got my creator juices flowing because I had to come up with words and music that fit the theme and situation. I believe I accomplished this but unfortunately the play was scrapped as not suitable for that time period which I felt was a real shame as I had done, what I considered, my best work yet. It was about 1980.

Some of these songs were recorded live in the studio with the exquisite help of the following musicians:

  1. Michael McDonald: Guitar
  2. Pat Rush:  Slide Guitar
  3. Colin Walker: Drums
  4. Dave McMorrow: Piano
  5. Laurie Conroy: Lead and Backing Vocals
  6. Bob Read:  Bass, Lead and Backing Vocals

These next three songs were never fully recorded and have guide vocals but I’m adding them in anyway.

Here’s a link to the full album. If you like one or more of the tracks you can download them individually by hitting the “Buy” button and then scrolling over the track you like or you can go for the whole album.




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