One Race Band – (2018 – )

The One Race Band – Ecuador

Here are a great bunch of musicians from South America who all love reggae music. The band has changed members a couple of times but we have the main core musicians intact:

Azael Izaguire: Guitar and Sax; Gary Villalobos: Bass; Jorge Gomez: Drums; Rolando Alonzo: Keys; Paola Canto: Backing Vocals; Bob Read: Lead Vocal; Percussion: Darwin Garcia

We had time to squeeze in four gigs before Covid set in and everything shut down especially the clubs. Don’t have photos from our club gig.

On August 27, 2020 we were asked to perform a live concert on Facebook from a downtown studio called Stereos Record. Couldn’t pass this up and tried to get the band together for rehearsals. It was very difficult as most of the guys had some kind of job….but we got it all together and below are the videos with the One Race Band for my originals “Love”, “Long Way To Go” along with the ones for Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved”, “Rebel Music”and “Redemption Song”

During this forced time off I learned to use Cakewalk DAW and started to write songs again. It took a while but I finally came up with essentially an English adaptation of a Spanish reggae song by Gondwana :”Sentiamento” called “Feeling”

Well that’s it for now. I have three new songs in the works and the band is starting to play again. I’m also going to be inserting some blogs and vlogs in a while.

Thanks for checking this all out.

One love, Bob

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