Jamaican Bands and Performances – 2 (2000 – 2017)

I separated the two Jamaican sections because at this stage I had stopped recording bands in my studio as it really was too exhausting.

In order to start making some income I taught myself web site design (html) and graphic design with the express purpose of working in this field as I would still have time to write and play music.

I actually had created a few sites when I found the love of my life, Susan Gilbart. I took her on a trip to Jamaica before we moved in together (I think the fact that I owned a house in Jamaica was an incentive) and we’ve been together since.


I had been renting my house in Negril for a few years now but it seemed clear what we had to do. We started a travel company essentially for reserving rooms at the various small resorts in Negril. The resorts were very happy to be on the site and represented and we had an income.

We eventually had 5 different sites for the five most popular destination sites in Jamaica: Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Treasure Beach, Port Antonio and Negril. In 2017 we decided that we couldn’t keep up the pace of 12 hour days and we monetized the sites…down to two. Here are the two sites we now have:




If you’re ever thinking of traveling to Jamaica we are the experts and these sites can take care of all your needs: resorts, flights, private airport transfers, private tours, car rentals, travel insurance and Club MoBay

This said, though, we spent a lot of our time in Jamaica and I spent a lot of time singing there. Here is a gallery of photos from these years:

I do have some videos from those days and here are a couple from Alfred’s Ocean Palace around 2012:

Here’s one from the Boat Bar….I must have had a spliff or so too many as my voice is pretty raspy

Here’s where everything has gotten very interesting. Susan and I got married for real and moved to Manta, Ecuador.

This is where, with the excellent help of my good friend, Azael Izaguire, from Venezuela,

Myself and Azael

we put together the fabulous…..

One Race Band
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