Deltas/Alter Ego

Organ: Keith Richardson, Bass: Bob Read, Guitar: Robert Haist, Drums: Rick Love

The first real band I played in, The Deltas, rehearsed in my mothers basement. She was widowed and around 66 years old. You can imagine what she put up with. We had drums, bass (me), guitar and a very heavy Hammond B3 with a full Leslie speaker. On top of that we had a light show run by the organ player

The Deltas
The Deltas and The Light Brigade

I put this band together in the last year of high school, which in Canada at the time, was grade 13 and I was 18 years old and we played together for the the first two years that I spent in University in an Industrial Engineering course.

The Deltas played mostly a lot of University dances, the odd high school and frat parties, many frat parties, especially the one of which I was a member Delta Kappa Epsilon. Our music consisted of rock (Rolling Stones and Beatles to Procol Harum and Whiter Shade of Pale.

Soon we were a sought after party band and thought we were pretty “cool” so for some reason, we changed our name to “Alter Ego”.

I also have “Cool” photos that I have to scan and insert.

This band eventually disbanded and I quickly formed a new band called

“The Shades”


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